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HPSOT recording session

on 25th January we visited Jeroen Spanjaart at De Werkplaats recording studio in Haarlem ( to record one of our songs (Cruel You) for the Haarlemse Popscene on Tour CD.

Jeroen was very professional and the studio is well kitted out with mics, amplifiers and coffee. It took me seven takes to get the high backing vocals down for the second part of the song. The hard bit was hitting the first high A bang on. I managed it after a couple of attempts and Jeroen patches it digitally onto the best version of the vocals from the other takes.

The first mix has already been made and it sounds good. We’ve suggested a few minor tweaks, but you’ll have to wait until June to hear it for yourself. It’ll be on Spotify after the closing night of the Haarlems Popscene on Tour 2019/2020 season (Friday 12/06/3020).

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