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We recently released our debut EP (Walk to the sun) with a full band and will continue to record and have committed to release a new single every six weeks for the next year and a half. All the singles will be accompanied by lyric and music videos on YouTube.

Since the launch of the EP we have released two singles: The Dunes/ Duinen which is a collaboration with Marco Kunst (a Dutch poet and writer). This song about the Dutch love affair with their sandy

mountains has reached almost 2000 Spotify streams.The music video was filmed by Kiran Ennis and Roman van Heemstra and guest starred Jason Dent. (Watch on YouTube)

The single ‘Cruel You’ was recorded almost a year ago as part of the Haarlemse PopScene on Tour 2019/2020 season, which we’d almost forgotten about since the second half of the season was cancelled at the end of February. The single was released on 30th August and has already reached 900 streams. It’s twangy, truthful and way more than three chords ;)

Bittersweet to start, it’s followed by an angry tirade at a faithless lover.

Friday 2nd October saw the release of our third single in a row. It’s called ‘Coming home’ and is about the ambiguity present in a long-term relationship, when staying true to oneself will ultimately lead to disappointment in your partner but perfect symbiosis comes at the cost of that self. When the promises made in the first flush of passion are not fulfilled, what remains but to come home?

You can save the song to your Spotify Release Radar with this link.

We have compiled a Spotify playlist to highlight this single.

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