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We are The Ennrons a guitar duo from Haarlem, comprised of one of the natives and an exiled Scottish-Irish Brit. We write and play our own songs with an occasional 'custom made' cover thrown in for good measure. Our style is intimate, soulful and yet still passionate. We’re at home on all stages, from front room to ball room, playing acoustic guitars and harmonica with (minimal) amplification when needed.

Taken at Ron's recording studio. ©(2016) Bernard Ennis 2016
Ronald has played everything from hard guitar rock to weddings and party music.

The two have now found each other with two semi-acoustic guitars, duo vocals and

a harmonica. The Ennrons write pop songs in the singer-songwriter tradition showing both the lighter and sometimes more melancholy sides of life. Quiet, but also energetic songs, mostly composed by their own hand, although a ‘self-made’ cover creeps in every now and then. The Ennrons are not afraid to deal with the larger themes of life in their texts: love, the meaning of life, friendship, truth and lies and, of course, the love of music itself.

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