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We’ve also launched a podcast where we interview independent artists about their recently released song. The podcast goes out weekly on Saturday at noon (UTC+1).

The first episode was an interview with Christopher Shawn of Soviet//Shiksa about their heavy, goth-americana epos ‘Demonize. As a counterpoint, the second episode is the more light-hearted talk with Rivita about not worrying what other people think and just getting with being creative. Last week’s episode was a more personal talk with Brazilian singer-songwriter Guilherme Lara about the death of his father the missing place at the dining table (Mesa de jantar). This week’s guest is Michael Gilbride of telco and he will tell the story of how he propelled ‘Say hello’ from zero to 30,000 streams in less than one month.

Initially it was just intended as a side project to generate a little more attention to our music, but it has become quite a success in its own right. After only three episodes we are ranked 14th on Apple Music’s chart of Music Interview podcasts and 176th of all Music podcasts in the Netherlands.

You can listen to the podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google, Deezer and other platforms. Click the link and you’ll automatically be directed to the podcast app on your device: Hit subscribe, rate the show and leave a review; this is what helps to get the show out there and ultimately it’s about spreading the word about our music too.

All of the songs on the show (and more) are featured on our Spotify playlist 'The Ennrons New Favourites'

For those of you on social media, the podcast now has its own Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Greg Barnett
Greg Barnett
Apr 01, 2021

Dear Bernard. Thanks so much for your ideas and effort in producing "Your New Favourite Song". Stefan ('HomeSteveHome' - Ep.25) told me about it ... a very enjoyable podcast hearing how others also struggle/win. You make for a pleasant, knowledgeable and sympathetic host ... and your unique mixture of Northern UK and Netherland accents is fascinating :) When going through your podcast backlog, 2 out of the 3 eps have already raised the issue of 'drums' and how programming drums can be torture, sucking the life and enjoyment out of the song process. I heartily agree and therefore at every possibility highly recommend a lucky find ... Toontrack's EZ Drummer 2 (approx EUR 120). Standalone and/or DAW plugin (I us…

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