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Demonize by Soviet//Shiksa (transcription)

An interview with Christopher Shawn

This week's guest is Christopher Shawn from the gothic americana band SOVIET//SHIKSA. We'l be discussing their recently released song 'Demonize' (Youtube/ Spotify) from the three track EP Melancholia. Along the way we'll be discussing which band will be ideal to have play at your (Sigur rós) and why, the EP series (Songs about Sex, Death and God I, II and III) and the accompanying book 'His time with Sex, Death and God' by Christopher Shawn and touch on other influences for the band.

You can listen to the episode on the podcast page (Episode 1), on your podcast app or on YouTube.



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hello this is christopher 

shawn from soviet//shiksa  


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and i'm here to talk with the 

ennrons on your new favourite song


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hi and welcome to your new favourite 

song and this week i'll be talking to  


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chris shawn from soviet shiksa about their 

song they released recently called demonize  


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hi chris all the way from nashville how are you 

i am very good how are you today i'm very good  


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i'm quite excited really glad that you agreed 

to talk to me today about about your song and  


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so first of all i think it would like 

to maybe get a bit of an introduction  


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who you are where you are and a bit 

about the band as well and what you do  


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that sounds good to me i'm christopher shawn 

and the soviet//shiksa is the the name of my  


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i guess you could call it a solo project i am a